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Turn your blog into lead generation machine

AI-powered lead magnet apps you can embed to your website to convert your visitors to leads with no extra work!


I love these simple AI-tools that enrich our content.
KingaKinga Edwards - CEO, Brainy Bees
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Let me guess. Your blog is non-interactive.

Energize your blog with our apps, injecting excitement and engagement into every post you publish.

Your blog
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Your blog with FoxyApps
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higher conversion rate
reduced bounce rate
more time spent on website
increased brand awareness
more likely shared
repeated visits

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Set up a Lead Magnet. Let AI provide a free value. Then upsell.

Increase conversion rates with no extra effort

Enrich your existing content with foxy lead magnets. Embed any app into your website and start generating leads in seconds.

#1 Find your desired lead magnet

Explore 100s of lead magnets from 10+ categories.

#2 Insert the one line of code into your blog post

Built for non-techies. Easy setup in seconds.

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Create personalized email sequences to people who used your app.

Works with your favorite CMS:

  • Webflow
  • Wix
  • Wordpress
  • Shopify
  • SquareSpace
Free installation help.

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“FoxyApps is a game-changer for marketers. You can grab any AI app from their marketplace, put it on your website, and use it as a lead magnet."

testimonialFabian MaumeGrowth Hacker - Tetriz.io

Thanks to an intuitive interface and the simplicity of the app builder, users can quickly create new AI-based apps. It unlocks new ways how people create lead gen apps."

testimonialTomas VestenickyDeveloper - NuTab

Highly recommended for anyone who needs to optimize his repeatable tasks! FoxyApps is an excellent tool for that. It's fast and easy to use."

testimonialSemy BriskarFounder - Threedee.design

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Take advantage of apps that help with simple tasks, optimize your processes, and save time.

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