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No-code Builder for AI Wrappers

We give everyone the power to create simple AI-powered tools based on OpenAI models.

Let's build AI GPT wrapper in 3 steps!

Take advantage of our no-code tool to build your AI tool in just a few minutes.


Create a form inputs

Design a form with inputs your app users will need to fill out. You can use these inputs in a Prompt later on.


Craft the best prompt for AI

Write the best prompt or use our templates and include custom variables from the form into it.


Design the data output

Style the AI output. You can choose from output types and test the results.

Foxy app builder

We celebrate best makers on our platform

These makers create app templates to save you time building your next big thing.

Zden Zlo

Zden Zlo

38 templates | 16954 total usage

Always smiling person with a great sense for details and systematic work, who enjoys organizing and learning new things.

Peter Utekal

Peter Utekal

39 templates | 6757 total usage
Ghulam Abbas

Ghulam Abbas

8 templates | 3586 total usage

Solopreneur | Helping startups grow faster

Ivan Homola

Ivan Homola

36 templates | 2949 total usage

Startup enthusiast 🚀 Big dreamer 😴 Creativity is my superpower 🐱‍👤

Utekal Media Ltd

Utekal Media Ltd

6 templates | 1858 total usage

Building cool AI Shit



2 templates | 729 total usage




11 templates | 412 total usage


8 templates | 277 total usage

Freelance Artist. Here for fun, experimentation and to generate tools to make life easier for my hobbies, interests and work.

Shan Shah

Shan Shah

3 templates | 262 total usage

Founder of Coder Champ

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