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Join our affiliate program and get a 30% recurring commission fee from every new customer.

We invite all creators to help us spread the word about our revolutionary no-code builder for AI apps. Our conditions are transparent aiming to get a win-win situation.

Ivan Homolafounder of FoxyApps
Ivan Homola - Founder FoxyApps
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We target 3 main use-cases

Check out who benefits from using FoxyApps.

Generate qualified leads

Lead generation

Users can create lead magnets that solve tiny problem of their audience.

Target audience:
- Marketing agencies
- Content creators
- Influencers

Validate ideas faster

App creation

We provide a way to build simple AI tools to validate ideas, and make money.

Target audience:
- No-code builders
- Indie makers
- Solopreneurs

Boost your SEO

On-page SEO boost

Embedding apps on your website has positive effects on ranking.

Target audience:
- SEO specialists
- Marketing agencies
- Content marketers

Get $50 BONUS 💸 for a video review

Become our affiliate partner, create a video for YouTube, TitTok, IG, whatever...and secure $50 bonus to your payout.


Craft a captivating script, film yourself using our no-code builder to create app, and edit it for quality.


Share your video on your preferred social media platforms with engaging captions and tag us.


Send us your video links or screenshots and receive a $50 bonus to your next payout.

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FoxyApps brand assets

Find design assets on Google Drive.

Feel free to let us know if you need anything else.
Also, it would be great if you can follow our brand guidelines, colors, and fonts.

Thank you! ❤

FoxyApps brand guidelines


Find the most frequent questions below, or .

What is the commission structure?

You get a 20% lifetime commission for any paying customer you refer to FoxyApps.

What is the cookie length?

It's 90 days. The time a user you referred has to upgrade their account to give you a commission fee.

What is the minimum payout?

The minimum payout is $100. You can easily earn extra $50 by showcasing our platform in a video.

What are your payout term?

Commissions are paid next month on the 15th. You need to provide a valid invoice with your PayPal or Wise payment link.

How do I claim my $50 BONUS?

Please send us a link to your video uploaded on any social platform. You can contact us via chat or email support@foxyapps.com.

What is not allowed to do?

Signing up for FoxyApps using your own referral link (self-referral) is not allowed.

We do not allow any search engine ads that compete with our own marketing or confuse our customers.

Bidding on branded keywords (like FoxyApps, or FoxyApps tools) will lead to a suspension of your account.

Listing FoxyApps on discount or offer websites with your code will lead to a suspension of your account.

Pretending to be act on behalf of FoxyApps is not permitted and will lead to a suspension of your account.

If you are not sure whether your advertisement is allowed, please contact us on support@foxyapps.com.


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