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Convert your Visitors to Qualified Leads

Creating gated content takes hours. FoxyApps takes minutes to implement.

β€œThe best way to get links is:
You take a tool in your industry, tools that people are used to paying for, and you create them for free, and you just release them out in the wild."


Calculate number of leads you get each month

2x higher conversion rate than with ordinary gated content.

Visitors/month: 2000

  • 1000
  • 2000
  • 3000
  • 4000
  • 5000
  • 6000
  • 7000
  • 8000
  • 9000
  • 10,000

Avg. conversion rate: 30%


600 leads/month

Cost per lead from avg. PPC campaign: $25 πŸ₯΄


Cost per lead from FoxyApps campaign: $0.08 😍


FoxyApps is a game-changer for marketers. Just grab any interactive AI lead form, place it on your website, and start generating leads. It's great you can integrate with Hubspot and other CRMs, too.

testimonialFabian MaumeCMO - Warmup Inbox

We didn't find a lead form fitting our needs. We contacted FoxyApps team, and they created a custom lead magnet for us in a week. It now generates over 5000 leads per month.

testimonialSemy BriskarFounder - Threedee.design

As an SEO expert, I always push my clients to create interactive microsites. It greatly impacts SEO. However, creating such sites took a month of software developer's resources. FoxyApps is the best plug-and-play solution.

testimonialIvan Homolaco-founder - Tetriz.io

Explore top-performing app templates

Choose from 200+ app templates that provide instant value to your website visitors.

Didn't find what you are looking for? Contact us, and we'll build a custom lead magnet for you.

Start generating leads in 5 minutes

Creating gated content takes hours. FoxyApps takes minutes to implement.

Find lead form

#1 Find and test interactive lead form

Explore 100s of AI apps from 10+ categories.

Browse App templates
Customize lead form

#2 Customize form design and texts

Personalize lead apps and set up email automations.

Deploy lead form

#3 Copy & paste code to your website editor

Built for non-techies. Easy setup in seconds.

Works with your favorite CMS:

  • Webflow
  • Wix
  • Wordpress
  • Shopify
  • SquareSpace

The #1 inbound lead generation toolfor content marketers

Collect leads, create personalized email sequences, or integrate with your preferred CRM.


Collect New Leads

Your visitors must input their email address in order to use the app. Get their personal info and data they submitted and turn it into your advantage.

Leads Screenshot

Create a Personalized Outreach

Send a follow-up email pitching your premium product or service. Personalize the message using data from the previous step.

Personalized email outreach

Integrate FoxyApps with your preferred CRM

Put it on autopilot! No need for script maintenance or app updates. It works like magic. Just sit and enjoy the flow of new deals.

FoxyApps - Zapier integration connecting with CRM apps

Get paid for creating contentabout FoxyApps!

We invite you to join our creators program where you earn money by producing content about our no-code AI-app builder.

Use no-code app builder

We empower creators to build awesome projects using our app builder and document it.

Publish content online

Share your content with the community. We highlight best videos on our socials too!

Cash out!

We share revenue with our creators. You earn 30% commission fee from all payments.

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