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“The best way to get links is:
You take a tool in your industry, tools that people are used to paying for, and you create them for free, and you just release them out in the wild."

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Here is how it works

The proven strategy to generate 100s of qualified inbound leads via our lead magnet apps.

Keyword research


We specialize in seizing long-tail opportunities, ensuring your tool stands out in niche segments.

What sets us apart is not just insights, but actionable recommendations for crafting bespoke, free tools, including audience analysis, keyword research, and opportunity listing.


After conducting thorough keyword research, our development team spearheads the creation of a personalized Lead Magnet App designed to attract inbound leads.

This app is seamlessly integrated onto your website or incorporated into a custom landing page or a blog post.


In the final phase, we guide you on strategies for maximizing visibility and search engine rankings.

We provide templates for social media promotion to showcase your lead magnet and engage your audience. Additionally, we advise on listing your tool on relevant directories for extra backlinks and traffic.

"Our marketing agency has been using lead magnet tools for a few months, and the results have been incredible! We are not implementing this solution only for us but also for our clients."
Rebecca MeyerRebecca Meyer - Content marketing & SEO expert

FoxyApps is a game-changer for marketers. Just grab any interactive AI lead form, place it on your website, and start generating leads. It's great you can integrate with Hubspot and other CRMs, too.

testimonialFabian MaumeCMO - Warmup Inbox

We didn't find a lead form fitting our needs. We contacted FoxyApps team, and they created a custom lead magnet for us in a week. It now generates over 5000 leads per month.

testimonialSemy BriskarFounder -

As an SEO expert, I always push my clients to create interactive microsites. It greatly impacts SEO. However, creating such sites took a month of software developer's resources. FoxyApps is the best plug-and-play solution.

testimonialIvan Homolaco-founder -

Subscribe to Premium planand we'll build a custom app for you!

We offer special custom lead magnet development to all Premium subscribers.


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$99.99 / month
  • White-label AI-Apps
  • Collect payments (via Stripe)
  • 1000 AI credits
  • Custom CSS
  • Tool collections & Workspaces (soon)
  • Email automation
  • API access
  • Custom development
  • Premium support
  • Personal onboarding call

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