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Build Tiny Apps To Monetize Your Best AI Prompts

We encourage prompt writers to create a new generation of AI-powered applications without using any code.



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Finally, I can take advantage of my prompts!
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Create Your New AI App in 5 Simple Steps

Whether you are a developer or a gardener. We give you the power to create simple apps based on ChatGPT.


Create a Form Inputs

Design a form with inputs your app users will need to fill out. You can use these inputs in a Prompt later on.


Craft the Best Prompt for AI

Write the best Prompt and include custom variables from the form into it.


Design The Data Output

Style the AI output. You can choose from output types and test the results.


Add Info About your App

Choose an app category, add a short description and icon. Customize your app URL and button text.


Publish & Share the App with Others

Once we approve, your app will be listed on our marketplace. You can embed it on a website or share a link with everyone.

Create your AI App

Prompters ❤ Our App Builder

We appreciate everyone who want to build amazing AI-powered apps.

FoxyApps is a game-changer for marketers. The AI-powered app builder has easy-to-use interface and customization options that help me create and polish my apps quickly.

testimonialFabian MaumeGrowth Hacker - Tetriz.io

Thanks to an intuitive interface and the simplicity of the app builder, users can quickly create new AI-based apps. It unlocks new ways how people can communicate with ChatGPT.

testimonialTomas VestenickyDeveloper - NuTab

Highly recommended for anyone who needs to optimize his repeatable tasks! FoxyApps is an excellent tool for prompt writers. It's fast and easy to use, with helpful customization options, and saves time.

testimonialSemy BriskarFounder - Threedee.design

Let's build the next big thing!

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We empower creators to build awesome projects using our app builder. No code required.

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Share your app with our community. We feature the best apps to thousands of users.

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Get paid every time someone uses your app. We share revenue with app creators.

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Take advantage of apps that help with simple tasks, optimize your processes, and save time.

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